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Software engineering is no longer one language to master - it has become so much more. Hence, people with a Fullstack mindset are the ones who:

  • Learn and contribute quickly in areas that they did not touch before, applying fundamental software principles,
  • Solve problems where it's the most beneficial for the business,
  • Contribute to areas where the most help is needed,

But this is easier than it sounds. Nowadays, software development includes many technologies and concepts. Therefore, engineers are overwhelmed from all the areas involved down to the fundamentals. You rather need to derive the fundamentals to be able to translate them to other areas to speed up learning. Now, you can reapply the basics in new places and get productive much faster.

Are you a Fullstack Developer?

If you build up fundamentals in software development, and you like to apply them to solve business issues in more than one of the example areas:

  • Frontend and Backend,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Analytics and Machine learning,
  • Native App Development.

There is a lot more that can be named here. But as described before, it's just a mindset and not a person who masters all the areas.

How to become a Fullstack developer?

Usually, this happens naturally. Once you touch another place in a product you work on, you will feel that you can apply your skills in other areas as well. Nevertheless, it's all about keeping up with all the trends and technologies in these explored areas.

Twitter and other sources of information

Each expert has their own set of practices to stay updated in different areas:

  • Follow the tech influencing persons on Twitter,
  • Follow certain subreddits,
  • Knowledge exchange with colleagues,
  • Blogposts, audiobooks, books,
  • Conferences and meet-ups.

For many people, Twitter is an excellent source of information. But there is a lot of noise and distraction. In comparison, a book, for example is distraction-free, but is a lot less interactive, comes with delays, and can get out of date based on the topic.

We need a combination of different sources in one product

I think we can do better here. There can be a solution for learning and collaboration that collects and identifies relevant news and trends. If you want, you can communicate with others about them, personalize your preferences, store your favorites, and look up anything at any time.

Fullstack News is a collaborative news aggregator fully customizable

Your feedback helps to grow the product. Every engagement and recommendation helps to make it happen. Our people working on the product do it because of their passion. We all hope that something unique comes out of it, enabling everybody to enjoy a more versatile style of software development.

Our Team

We will grow over time

Starting from a one-person show, we are looking for more experts for native app development, design, user-experience and marketing to grow our product and reach.

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We are looking for more people to join our remote working team. There is no profit yet. The target is to grow the product with our expertise leveraging the most modern services to automate and innovate.

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    High Quality

    The quality of our product and underlying code is our golden standard. Implementation is always tested and created in collaboration to grow and align as a team.

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    Data- and Feedback-Driven

    A good data foundation allows us to ship quickly, experiment bravely, collect feedback and improve our product with a rapid pace.

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    AWS Cloud

    Although we use services like Vercel and GitHub, for more complex and customized implementation AWS as a cloud vendor is our choice of technology.


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